Abercrombie & Fitch partnered with us to provide ongoing feature creation and improvements for their Abercrombie and Hollister iOS and Android apps, as well as the corresponding web experiences. The objective for these iconic American brands was to drive customer engagement and increase sales across multiple digital channels.

Abercrombie & Fitch

App Design & Development


User Research
Product Strategy


User Experience
UI/Interaction Design


iOS Development
Android Development
QA Automated Testing

We worked closely with Abercrombie’s cross-functional, Ohio-based teams to deliver iterative improvements to their digital portfolio. Each new feature and improvement was carefully designed and built to meet both user needs and business goals. Highlights of our engagement include:

Native Shopping Bag

Tonic partnered with Abercrombie to migrate their shopping bag from an in-app web view to a fully native experience. We vetted Abercrombie’s business assumptions and Tonic’s design decisions through usability testing with actual Abercrombie & Fitch customers in stores. The customer-informed, newly-designed native shopping bag simplified and facilitated the purchasing process and drove increased conversion.

Club Cali

Our team spent many hours in Ohio to bring the Club Cali loyalty rewards program to life for the Hollister brand. Seamlessly integrating with Abercrombie’s internal teams allowed us to release a cohesive, cross-platform experience.

The success of Club Cali encouraged Abercrombie to engage Tonic to design a complementary rewards program for the Abercrombie & Fitch brand.

Navigation Redesign

Tonic reimagined Abercrombie’s web navigation framework in an effort to elevate the brand, encourage product discovery, and support strategic business objectives. When we began the project, the UX of the web navigation was 6 years old. Their website needed to be updated to compete in a modern ecommerce landscape, meet Abercrombie’s business needs, and match their growing product selection. Tonic designed the web navigation to encourage greater product discovery and create a more fulfilling online shopping experience.


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